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Why Dr. Ahmed Ragab ?!

Then he obtained a master's degree in general surgery - Ain Shams University College of Medicine, then he obtained a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in England, then he obtained a Ph.D. degree in general surgery - Ain Shams University College of Medicine

One of the youngest surgeons and he has a very wide experience in the field of general surgery and he got all these practical degrees at such a young age and more than ten years of experience in various types of surgeries

Dr. Ahmed Sabek is one of the most important and skilled Egyptian surgeons in Egypt, the Arab Gulf states, and some European countries, as he obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University

Why Dr. Ahmed Ragab ?!

Inside the operations, he cares for the patient from the moment he enters the operations until he arrives in the recovery room with anesthesiologists and also provides a special assistant nurse for each patient to know his condition completely

He also follows the necessary medical checks, such as analyzes and x-rays, before surgery to reach the best result for surgery

1- Because he provides total care to the patient before, after, and during surgery.<br /> 2- Because it helps the patient in preparing him for operations correctly and with great care with the anesthesiologists to reach the best result of the operation.

The basis of our satisfaction with what we offer is the confidence of our patients<br /> Where we have many success stories from all over Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Gulf countries, Africa, and some European countries such as Germany

One of its best features<br /> Follow up of all patients after the operation and to provide the best possible care by providing various medical advice to help the patient go through the best recovery period after the operation and also by answering the calls and messages of the patient permanently through him and through his assisting team

He specializes in many surgeries such as:<br /> Thyroid surgeries, Breast surgeries, Colon and rectal surgeries, Anal surgeries, Various abdominal surgeries, Endocrine surgeries, Hernia surgeries, * Endoscopic surgeries