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1- The private nurse provides full support to the patient and his family from the beginning of his admission to the hospital, where the patient is interviewed from the hospital door and escorted to the admission office and operating room.
2- Then you take the patient to his room, prepare him for operations, review the medical file, review all analyzes and x-rays, inform the operations, and inform Dr. Ahmed SabeeK that the patient is ready for operations.
3- Then you accompany the patient and follow the process until the end then take him to the residence Thus, she is aware of all the surgical details that occurred to the patient and then follow-up necessary follow-up as soon as the patient goes to his room.
4- Then you take the patient to his hospital room and the patient’s vital signs are monitored, and take care to follow the necessary medical instructions immediately after recovery, By providing all the medically necessary assistance to speed up the patient’s improvement and discharge the patient in the best condition and in the shortest hospital stay time to avoid infection with any infection inside the hospital.
5- Then, as soon as the patient’s condition improves, help the patient and his family in completing the procedures for his discharge from the hospital and accompany the patient until the exit in safety and wellness
6- Outside the hospital, she visits the patient to make the necessary spare parts for wounds and follow up on the vital signs, according to the type of each surgery
7 – In certain cases, the private nurse is side by side with the tour guide in the medical tourism program if necessary to monitor the general condition of the patient permanently during the recreational trip