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The medical tourism program

The medical tourism program is based on transforming the necessary illness and surgery into a beautiful and memorable recreational journey and that by providing technical, medical and tourist support to the patient, by communicating with Dr. Ahmed to determine what is necessary for the patient’s medical work in principle By booking the examination appointment for the patient, then booked the hospital’s residence room, and booked the operating room, and specify the nurse or private nurse who will accompany the patient from his arrival until the end of his medical trip in the hospital

Here the patient will reach the second step of the trip, where his room of residence will be pre-booked at the best hotels in Cairo, at that time support will be provided by the patient’s tour guide, where the tourist program is determined according to the medical advice, with the required medical rest upon discharge from the hospital to the start of the tourist program, and it is assumed that it will be at least two days in most surgeries.

Then we start the tourism program through arranging and coordinating the visitor with the tour guide to visit the landmarks of Cairo.

All this is done in full coordination between the idea of green surgery, the idea of the private nurse and the idea of a medical tourism program to transform a journey that may be negative in patient life to a journey of recreational treatment that will remain of your beautiful memories for life