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green surgery

What is green surgery

1- Green surgery is a new type of surgery and a great idea for Dr. Ahmed Sabeq, where the surgery is practiced better closer to nature, in which he provides all the support to all patients, surgical support, psychological support, and full support before and after surgery.

Green surgery is:

1 – Clean: provided through a clinic and a hospital at the highest level
2 – Clear: provide clear information on the operation, medical advice, and complications.
3 – Acclimatized: adapts according to the patient’s physical and financial capabilities by providing reservations for the clinic closest to him and reserving the hospital that suits his financial affairs.
4 – Trusted: Adopting full confidence between Dr. Ahmed Sabek and all of his patients.
5- Reasonable: to professionally provide the various needs of different patients.

How Green Surgery Can Get To Nature?

This is through:

1- Maintain the minimum length of time in the hospital after the surgery and exit as soon as the patient improves; to prevent the patient from any risks and infection.
2- A slight recovery period in order for the patient to return to his work and his normal life in a short period.
3 – Small wounds, whether through regular surgeries, endoscopic surgeries, or laser surgeries.
4- Preserving beauty, such as plastic surgery, as well as all wounds without stitches, and therefore there is no jaw for any stitches.
5 – The best lifestyle followed after the operation during the recovery period through the quality of eating and drinking, the quality of sleep, the methods of practicing various sports and stay away from negative habits

This will benefit green surgery and the practice of surgeries inside Egypt and continue to attract the eyes and attention of people around the world to visit Egypt and turn the surgery into a beautiful journey, and from here the medical tourism program begins.